XC5 is a real-time voice switching platform for telco operators and corporates who want to provide their customers with mobile and fixed-line voice services.

The core component of XC5 is an intelligent routing engine directing voice calls and services. Intelligent routing makes sure your calls are routed correctly using the most efficient method. It takes care of irregularities in the network and lets you know if call behaviour is less than desirable. XC5 Media provides customer facing services while the XC5 Session Border Control (SBC) protects the network. XC5 monitors calls in real-time, providing detailed trending and alarming of events. Calls can be dynamically routed making use of the most efficient or competitive route.

XC5 is modular and scalable, focusing heavily on functionality and reliably.

  • SIP and TDM voice switching: communicate with any voice device using SIP and traditional TDM
  • Intelligent routing: make sure calls are always routed to the right place
  • Media services: transcoding, complex IVR and customer protection
  • Prepaid and Postpaid: realtime balance check. PrePaid calling card & tolls and PostPaid accounts
  • Session border control: network protection, transcoding and manipulation

XC5 sbc

XC5 SBC protects your voice network from the outside world and connects you to other wholesale voice carriers. It stops Denial-of-Service attacks and all the other nasty's that lurk around on the public internet. Good times!

  • Topology Hiding: hide your private network
  • Transcoding: g729, g711, alaw, ulaw, h323, t.38
  • SIP Header manipulation: custom actions based on messaging
  • Denial Of Service Prevention: keeping out evil

XC5 media

XC5 MEDIA connects you to your customers. It handles all SIP registrations and customer features including network prompts, custom IVR and phone line services. It also protects your core network from customers looking to gain unauthorized access to your network.

  • Complex IVR: all types of IVR. From simple digit collection to Text-to-Speech and TollFree
  • User Registration: SIP registration and forwarding. Account authorization
  • Voicemail: voice with email integration
  • Phone Control: line services including diversion, caller display and call waiting

If you have any questions about XC5, please send us a note.